Prince George's County Planning Department

Planning Resources and Tools Page

Prince George’s County Planning Resources

A Citizen’s Handbook—Planning, Zoning, and Development Review in Prince George’s County
2015 Speaker Series
Prince George's County Planning Frequently Asked Questions
Community Planning Area Map and Contacts
Prince George's County Planning Department Publications
On-Line Planning Department Forms
Prince George's County Zoning Ordinance and Use Tables

Prince George’s County Planning Tools

PGAtlas—An interactive, free mapping program with numerous geographic layers of information as well as aerial imagery of Prince George's County.
Development Activity Monitoring System (DAMS)—Free online tracking system for developments activities.
On-Line Permit Tracking System—Free online tracking system for permits.

Organizations and Portal Sites

Congress for the New Urbanism
Center for Applied Transect Studies
Form-Based Codes Institute
International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism
Planetizen Planning and Development Network
Placemaking for Communities | Project for Public Spaces
American Planning Association
Cyburbia—Urban Planning Community

Nearby and Similar Projects

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State Highway Administration Mobility Study
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