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Most people are willing to walk for about ten minutes, or roughly half a mile, to access a rail transit station. Therefore, planning for transit-oriented development focuses on the area within half a mile of a station—drawn on maps as the walk circle, with the station at its center. Within the walk circle the process seeks opportunities to locate additional transit riders going to new destinations, such as jobs, shops, and housing.

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Southern Green Line Station Area Plan

new The Prince George’s County Council gave its final approval to the Southern Green Line Station Area Sector Plan on February 25, 2014 with Council Resolution CR-9-2014. In addition, the Council passed a Sectional Map Amendment (CR-10-2014) that rezoned a number of properties and created a Design Development Overlay Zone (DDOZ) for the planning area. The Southern Green Line Station Area Sector Plan sets County policy for land use and identifies key properties for redevelopment and infill in the area surrounding the four Metro stations on the southern Green Line:
    • Southern Avenue,
    • Naylor Road,
    • Suitland,
    • and Branch Avenue

    The plan identifies long term regional transportation system improvements and shorter term needs to improve the accessibility to the stations for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Strategies to foster economic development and investment in the area are recommended, including creation of new transit-oriented development zoning districts.

    The approved plan and SMA, when published, will be available for a fee from the M-NCPPC Planning Information Services Office (301-952-3208), located on the Lower Level of the County Administration Building, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Until then, the approved plan consists of three documents: the 2014 Southern Green Line Station Area Preliminary Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Map Amendment, the Planning Board amendments in Prince George's County Planning Board Resolution No. 13-98, and the District Council’s Resolution of Approval Nos. CR-9-2014 and CR-10-2014.

    new Council has approved a Development District Overlay Zone (DDOZ) for the entire Southern Green Line sector plan boundary. The purpose of the DDOZ is to prohibit certain uses in the entire area and additional uses near the Metro stations, as well as establish development standards and requirements for properties within one-half mile of the following Metro Stations: Southern Avenue, Naylor Road, Suitland and Branch Avenue. The DDOZ prohibits the following businesses area-wide: adult entertainment, check cashing, liquor stores, pawnshops, nail salons, beauty supply and accessories stores, banquet halls, and tattoo parlors. In addition, the DDOZ prohibits the following uses within one-half mile of metro stations: cemeteries, vehicle sales and services, wholesale trade and warehouse businesses, amusement parks, secondhand businesses and industrial equipment sales. DDOZ development standards and requirements for street design, block standards, building height, and parkingare included for the Branch Avenue and Naylor Road station areas.

    Preliminary Southern Green Line Station Area Sector Plan and Proposed Sectional Map Amendment is now available online.