Prince George's County Planning Department

Prince George’s County Food System Study

Preliminary Findings of the Prince George's County Food System Study, Phase I: Access to Healthy Food

The Planning Department is conducting a food system study to assess the county’s food system and make recommendations to enhance food equity and access to nutritious, affordable, culturally appropriate, and sustainably produced food in Prince George’s County. A food system is a chain of activities that completes the cycle from farm to fork to resource recovery in providing food to the community. The preliminary findings cover the results of the surveys and focus group discussions with consumers and healthy food availability survey at food retail outlets. It also includes an analysis of two national food desert studies. The ongoing research for the remainder of the study includes food-health connection, school meals, and food security. Recommendations pertinent to Prince George’s County, based on national best practices, will conclude the first phase of the Food System Study. A presentation to the Planning Board on April 10, 2014, summarizes the preliminary findings.

Food Survey Study Prelim. Findings Presentation