Prince George's County Planning Department

Application Guidelines

Applicants to the Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities (PAMC) program must show that they have the capacity to manage the requested project and are organized in a way that facilitates project management and accountability. Eligible organizations can be municipalities, registered community associations, nonprofit groups, business associations, community development, or economic development corporations. Criteria used to evaluate PAMC applications include:

  • Applicant eligibility.
  • Immediate or long-term benefit from the completed project in terms of information (studies, analysis, research) or skills gained (training and technical assistance).
  • Demonstrated need for planning assistance.
  • Planning objective(s) will be satisfied.
  • Planning Department has access to the staff or funding needed to provide requested assistance.
  • Project is located within a Priority Funding AreaPlan 2035 Neighborhood Reinvestment Area, or Plan 2035 Employment Area.

In any given year, the number of PAMC projects that will be initiated will vary based on the PAMC budget and planning staff availability, based on the Planning Department’s work program. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the fiscal year, beginning July 1 and ending June 30 of the next calendar year. The types of projects that will be considered for planning assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Grant applications and technical assistance (e.g., grant-writing training, assistance with completing grant applications).
  • Environmental studies and strategies (e.g., tree conservation plans, waterway clean-up strategies, sustainability plans).
  • Multimodal transportation studies and strategies (e.g., traffic studies, bike path or sidewalk improvement plans, connectivity assessments).
  • Economic development assessments and strategies (e.g., market analyses, marketing or branding tools, graphics, or logos).
  • Conceptual design plans (e.g., neighborhood or commercial revitalization plans).
  • Mapping or geographic information systems (GIS) services and data analyses.
  • Demographic or housing research and analyses.
  • Public facility needs analyses.
  • Historic preservation solutions, including the adaptive reuse of historic sites.
  • Revitalization solutions (e.g., retrofitting solutions for nonhistoric structures, façade improvement design plans).
  • Community outreach assistance (e.g., web design, public meeting facilitation, stakeholder interviews, surveys).
  • Landscape design plans or buffering and screening solutions for incompatible uses.
  • Community planning overview (Planning 101 presentation).

The PAMC program is competitive and will include several levels of review. The Planning Department and Planning Board will determine whether funding or in-kind assistance is most appropriate for a selected project.

The PAMC Application Review Process

Review process