Prince George's County Planning Department

Planning Assistance to Municipalities and Communities (PAMC)—Application Form

Applicants should be willing to report on follow-up implementation efforts for up to three years after the recommendations have been transmitted.

No jurisdiction can receive more than 20 percent of the yearly appropriation. For municipalities and community groups that wish to submit requests, they may do so by submitting a letter to You can fill out the application form and submit it through this web site. We will review your form and contact you as soon as possible.

This online application works on desktop computers but may not work on mobile phones or tablets. If you are using one of these devices, please download the form, fill it out by hand, and mail it or fax it to us.

Online Application Form:

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Applicant Name
Applicant Title/Position
Applicant Phone Number
Applicant Email Address
Organization Name
Organization Type
Organization Address
Organization Email Address
Organization Phone Number
Organization Website
Employee ID Number (EIN)
Mission: What is the overall mission of this organization? (200 words/1,200 characters)
Please list the organization’s prior experience working within the community. (250 words/1,500 characters)
Project Information: Describe the project. (250 words/1,500 characters)
What are the impact area boundaries? Attach a location map if needed. (50 words/300 characters)
How will this project benefit the community? Please be specific. (500 words/3,000 characters)
List milestones that will be achieved during the project. (150 words/900 characters)
Following project completion, what will be the next steps and how will they be implemented? Please identify any partners that will assist your organization. (400 words/2,400 characters)
Additional Information: To what extent is your organization able to contribute, financially or in-kind, toward the completion of this project? (250 words/1,500 characters)
Please upload any additional information