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Approved Public Safety Facilities Master Plan

Public SafetyThe plan amends the 1990 Approved Public Safety Master Plan and the 2002 Prince George’s County Approved General Plan. This plan also amend spublic facility-related portions of the 1990 Largo-Lottsford Approved Master Plan, 1993 Landover and Vicinity Approved Master Plan, 1993 Subregion V Approved Master Plan, 1994 Bladensburg, New Carrollton and Vicinity (PA 69) Approved Master Plan, 1994 Melwood/Westphalia Approved Master Plan, 1994 Planning Area 68 Approved Master Plan, 1994 Subregion VI Study Area Approved Master Plan, 2000 The Heights and Vicinity Approved Master Plan,
2004 Approved Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District Sector Plan, 2006 Bowie and Vicinity Approved Master Plan, 2006 East Glenn Dale Area Approved Sector Plan, 2006 Henson Creek-South Potomac Approved Master Plan, 2007 Bladensburg Town Center Approved Sector Plan, and 2007 Westphalia Approved Sector Plan. The plan contains goals, objectives, policies, and recommendations for each public safety agency. The agencies addressed by the plan are the Prince George’s County Police Department, Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, Department of Corrections, Offi ce of the Sheriff, M-NCPPC Park Police Division, and the Office of Emergency Management.

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