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Project Process and Schedule

Project Process

There are four main phases of the plan preparation process.  They are:


Lists background reports, analyses of previous plan implementation, and research on existing conditions and trends.

Public Participation and Planning 

Shows the process for participation, and links to videos of input sessions and open forum. At the end of this phase, the plan was presented to the Planning Board and their permission to print the draft, known as the “preliminary plan”, has been obtained.

Public Hearing and Work Sessions 

During this phase, the Planning Board and County Council will hold a joint public hearing on the preliminary plan, and they each hold work sessions. Here you will find all relevant documents as they become available.

Adoption and Approval 

The Planning Board can then “adopt” the plan and recommend to the County Council that they approve it, sometimes with noted edits to the text.

Project Schedule



RCP Preparation and Approval
January 2015–February 2017
Project Start-Up
January–September 2015
Project Initiation
Project initiation PB: July 16, 2015 [DONE]
Project initiation DC: Sept. 15, 2015 [DONE]
Public Participation Process
July 2015–March 2016
Round 1: Engage County Agencies
Round 2: Direct-contact input

Round 3: Open Forum
November 2, 2015 [DONE]
RURAL and AG. SESSION: 1/6/15 [DONE]
Open Forum: March 30, 2016 [DONE]
Municipal Forum: May 5, 2016 [DONE]
 Pemission to Print
 July 28, 2016 [DONE]
 Approval Process  
Joint Public Hearing
September 27, 2016
Planning Board (PB) Work Sessions Complete TBD
PB transmits adopted plan to Council TBD
Council Work Sessions Complete TBD
Council adopts updated plan Target: February 2017