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Project Overview

The Countywide Resource Conservation Functional Master Plan (the "Resource Conservation Plan" or "RCP") will combine the related elements of green infrastructure planning and rural and agricultural conservation into one functional master plan in order to streamline the process, meet state requirements for planning elements, and more efficiently update existing plans and maps.

The RCP will address four state-mandated planning elements:

1.  Natural Resources Element (in the form of the updated Green Infrastructure Plan).

2.  Priority Preservation Area (PPA) element (in the form of an Agricultural Plan that includes urban and rural agricultural policies and applies to all agricultural land, not just those areas within the PPA).

3.  Forestry Element (in the form of policies and strategies to address the state’s No Net Loss of Forests policy in the Forest Preservation Act of 2013 and Plan 2035’s recommendation for a forest and tree canopy strategy).

4.  Technical corrections to the Sustainable Growth Act map. 

This plan will be written by in-house staff with a consultant providing support for the public participation process and providing input on the final staff draft.

Project Overview Document