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2011 Speaker Series - 9/28/11

September 28 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Growing for the Right Reasons — CM|1.5

new September 28, 2011, Growing for the Right Reasons, click here to view .

Presentation Description:

Growth in the suburbs is a necessity. As the suburbs age, governments are finding that low-density growth cannot pay for maintaining infrastructure, services, and quality of life. Strategic growth that generates greater utilization of what is built is needed to maximize the potential of a shrinking land resource.

Presenter's Biography:

Rollin M. Stanley, Director, Montgomery County Planning Department : Mr. Stanley’s experience ranges from working for 21 years in Toronto—one of the most diverse and successful urban environments in the world—to helping rebuild a city that lost a large percentage of its population: St. Louis, where he was the Director of Planning for six years.

He is working with the American Planning Association (APA) in China and has worked and lectured around the world on the challenges of shifting populations. He is currently working with Montgomery County planning staff to create growth opportunities in strategic locations and to connect growth to the provision of transit. The Montgomery County Planning Department has been successful in bringing new thinking to a traditionally suburban community.