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GIS and Mapping Tools

Notice: Effective July 1, 2015, the Prince George's County, M-NCPPC is providing GIS data available to the public at no cost. The available data includes planimetric, property, zoning, terrain, administrative, census, environmental, historic, infrastructure, and parks facility information. The data that is available contains datasets developed and maintained by M-NCPPC and other data we have acquired in partnership with other organization that we can  distribute. Over 200 datasets are available for use and distribution.

Data is available in multiple formats, including:
ESRI Shapefile Format (.shp)
ESRI File Geodatabase (.gdb)
CADD File Export (.dxf)—for planimetric and topographic datasets only.
Orthoimagery (.sid format)

More detailed information about Prince George's County Planning's Open Data Program can be found here. Customized maps and data products will also continue to be available at a fee based on the level of effort associated with producing and distributing the requested product.

Prince George's County Planning, Open Data Site—A download site to access data in the available formats can be found here:

Data is also available as Web Map Services and can be found here; The map services are those included on PGAtlas.

PGAtlas - a robust interactive map system using GIS data. The site contains numerous geographic layers of information and aerial imagery of Prince George's County. Users will be able to pan and zoom around the map, display and print attribute information, search and display data by map location, measure distances, query the database, and print maps.

Other Interactive Maps  - Choose from a variety of interactive map viewers designed to make the viewing of specific topical areas streamlined and easy. These maps allow users to zoom in to areas, identify further information on specific features and in some cases provide feedback.

GIS Data Inventory—The Planning Departments GIS data holdings and associated metadata.

Custom GIS Data Request Form
—On-line request form for custom GIS digital and paper maps.

Custom GIS Digital Data Price Schedule
—A price list for custom mapping products; and data available at the Planning Department.

GIS Map Counter ServicesThe Planning Information Services section informs the public about zoning and subdivision regulations, master plan proposals, Commission publications and maps available for purchase, and various planning and development processes and requirements. The Planning Information Services section is located on the Lower Level of the County Administration Building and is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.