School Group Behavior Guidelines

Teachers: Please review these expectations with your students and chaperones. Museums are fragile environments and school groups are larger than typical museum groups. Following museum behavior expectations is essential to the success and enjoyment of the learning experience. We reserve the right to ask a school group to leave the Museum due to behavior issues.

  • No food, drink, or gum in museum galleries. The Museum provides plenty of food for thought as well as a feast for the eyes.
  • Large bags are not allowed in the galleries. For the safety of the objects, visitors should leave backpacks and other large bags in the museum lobby.
  • Running, pushing, and fighting are not allowed in the museum. Appropriate museum behavior is necessary to avoid bumping into or damaging artifacts.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the objects. This helps to avoid accidentally touching or bumping artifacts.
  • Do not touch. Your touch may not seem like much, but even the slightest contact can damage the surface of objects, rust metal, or leave fingerprints.
  • Only use pencils while writing or sketching. If an accident should occur, a pencil mark is easier to remove than pen or marker. Please avoid pointing at museum objects while holding a pencil or other items in your hand.
  • No leaning on walls or cases (either to write or for physical support). This helps keep pictures on the walls and objects secure in their display case. Please feel free to sit on the benches or on the floor as you talk, write, or draw.
  • Use quiet voices in the museum. We want to respect other groups or visitors.
  • Stay with your group at all times. This is for teachers, chaperones, and students. We require adult supervision at all times and all we encourage adult participation during field trips.
  • Limit cell phone usage. Please set a good example by not using your cell phone during programming. Make sure your cell phone is off or silenced during your visit.
  • Chaperone small groups in the Museum Store. To best serve you and other visitors, we ask that you break into groups of 15 or fewer when visiting the store.
  • We rely on the cooperation of teachers and chaperones to maintain appropriate behavior and keep students together during your museum experience. Please make sure that all adults accompanying your group are aware of their responsibilities.

Thank you for observing these rules to help keep our museum safe for everyone! Enjoy your visit!