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Nature Quest Art Contest

Explore your back yard, a local park or other outdoor environment. Tell your nature story by drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, recycled art, or through poetry. Enter the art contest by uploading your artwork to be displayed in our Nature Quest exhibition and possibly win a cash prize!

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Nature Quest Art Exhibit

Exhibition: January 9 - February 4, 2023
Opening Receptions & Awards: Saturday, January 14, 2023 from 1-3 PM

LocationPrince George's Sports & Learning Complex, 8001 Sheriff Rd, Landover, MD 20785

Celebrate the artwork created by the youth of Prince George's County as part of the Nature Quest Art Contest. The exhibition features approximately 90 artworks created as part of the eight-month contest. 


The Department of Parks and Recreation’s contest in Prince George’s County will recognize winners in three categories: elementary school, middle school, and high school. Prizes in each group are $200 for 1st place winners, $100 for 2nd place winners, and $50 for 3rd place winners. Poetry will be recognized in a separate category with cash prizes of $200 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place. All prizes may not be awarded.

Looking for Inspiration?

Visit these nature parks for more inspiration:

2020 Nature Quest Winners

1st: Willow S. "The Rain Poem" Age 14
2nd: Alyssa N. "Get Outdoors Poem" Age 11
3rd: Gianna S.J. "The Homely Toad Poem" Age 10

Elementary School Winners

A drawing of a dog in the forest by Ana Lucia SJ

Tejinder G. "The Night Time Tree" Drawing

A drawing of trees in the Spring by Eleni SJ

A photo of the Sunset at the beach in Jamaica by Emilie B.
Tayla W. "Jelly Fishing" PictureA photo of a black squirrel and a white squirrel by Nena J.
1st Place Mixed Media
Ana Lucia S.J. Age 8

"Dog in the Woods"
2nd Place Mixed Media
Theodor G. Age 6

"The Night Time Tree"
3rd Place Mixed Media
Eleni S.J. Age 5

1st Place Photography
Emilie B. Age 10

"Super Sunset"
2nd Place Photography
Tayla W. Age 8

"Jelly Fishing"
3rd Place Photography
Nena J. Age 10

"If They Can..."

Middle School Winners

Kellie G. "Wildflowers and Shrubbery" Artwork

Alissa N. Hungry Crab Drawing
Javonni H. "Fresh Fulfilling Fall Day" DrawingA photo of the sunset in Maine by Isabelle B.

Alindwa K. The backyard Photo
1st Place Mixed Media
Kellie G. Age 12

"Wildflower and Shrubbery"
2nd Place Mixed Media
Aliisa N. Age 11

"Hungry Crab Drawing"
3rd Place Mixed Media
Javonni H. Age 12

"Fresh Fulfilling Fall Day"
1st Place Photography
Isabelle B. Age 12

"Dinner Sunset"
2nd Place Photography
Anlindwa K. Age 13


Highschool Winners

Mayly C. Nightly Shine Drawing
Kayla R. Fish x-Ray Drawing
Arielle C. Forest View Artwork

Camryn F. Niagra Falls Photo
Mayly C. Orange Blast PhotoPhotograph of a Mountain by Jarley E.
1st Place Mixed Media
Mayly C. Age 16

"Nightly Shine"
2nd Place Mixed Media
Kayla R. Age 16

"Fish x-Ray"
3rd Place Mixed Media
Arielle C. Age 16

"Forest View Artwork"
1st Place Photography
Camryn F. Age 16

"Niagra Falls"
2nd Place Photography
Mayly C. Age 16

"Orange Blast"
3rd Place Photography
Jarley E. Age 16

"Mountain Drive"