Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a six-year financial plan for the acquisition, development, improvement, and/or maintenance of capital assets. 

  • Includes capital projects in the planning, designing, and construction stages; funding for new and renovation of existing facilities; as well as the acquisition of land.
  • Provides a detailed, year-by-year schedule of all planned expenditures and financing requirements for each project.
The CIP has two components: capital budget and capital plan. The capital budget refers to expenditures planned for the first year of the CIP and provides the appropriation authority to spend the funds. The capital plan is the proposed projects and related expenditures for the remaining 5 years.


The FY20 Approved Budget is $74.8 million. The grand total for this six-year program is $285.8 million. The CIP program is supported by various funding sources including “Pay-As-You-Go” (PAYGO) Cash Funding, M-NCPPC Bonds, Maryland State Program Open Space (POS), Maryland State Authorization Bonds, Developer Contributions, and various grants.

Park Acquisition

The total cost for approved park acquisition is $7,287,000 for FY20 and covers three acquisition programs:

  • Countywide Local Park Acquisition
  • Regional/Stream Valley Park Acquisition
  • Historic Agricultural Resources Preservation

Park Development

The total cost for approved park development is $22,005,000 for FY20 and covers specific park development projects, public safety improvements, and other facility development. This also covers the cost to renovate community centers, playgrounds, trails, and other public facilities.

Complete List

View the complete list of new projects and their respective budgets that make up the Capital Improvement Program.