Arena Specifications

The Show Place Arena includes a lobby with box office, a concourse, and an oval arena. The concourse level has three banquet rooms; the Arena can be viewed from two of them. Private suites of varying sizes are also available. Dressing/locker rooms and production offices are located adjacent to the Arena floor on the south side. The Arena decor features burgundy, hunter green and tan to reference the historic Marlboro Race Track that had previously operated on the property.


  • Concrete
  • Unlimited load
  • 136 feet wide by 260 feet long
  • With additional telescopic seats extended, the floor is 95 feet wide by 240 feet long
  • With the dasher boards or equestrian footing installed, the usable floor space is 120 feet wide by 240 feet long

Ceiling Height

  • Clear ceiling
  • 40 feet to bottom of light fixtures

Arena Seating

  • Theater-style plastic seats
  • Handicapped accessible seating is folding chairs on the concourse level

Seating Capacities

  • Arena seating capacity varies for different types of events and may be affected by staging and setup.
  • Flexible configurations are possible.
  • The maximum seating for the Arena can be 5,700:
    • Upper bowl: 2,824
    • Lower bowl/telescopic: 1,580
    • Seating added to the arena floor: 1,296

Video Boards

  • Two Daktronics matrix video boards, with locations at the north and south sides of the Arena

Dressing Rooms

  • Multiple dressing rooms with access to restrooms and showers

Ticketing Services

  • Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc.


  • 2500 spaces are available on-site


  • Maximum size: 52 feet by 40 feet
  • 78 feet with wings
  • Stage height can be 4 feet, 5 feet, or 6 feet
  • Four sets of stairs are available to access the stage
  • Forklift with 6,000 pound maximum

Event Load-In

  • The South end of the Arena has docking doors accessed by two ramps.
  • Door dimensions are 13.6 feet tall by 21 feet wide.
  • The North end of the Arena has a ramp and doors going directly to the Arena flow to accommodate pedestrians and hand-carried items.
  • Four major entrances to the Arena concourse level can be used to accommodate pedestrians and hand-carried items.

Power Capabilities

  • Backstage/Arena South can accommodate two 200 amp - 3 phase and 1,600 amp isolated phase.
  • Upstage/Arena north can accommodate two 200 amp - 3 phase.

Three spotlights, located at center, left center, and right center.


  • Capable of variable lighting schemes.
  • Stage lighting is not included.

Ground support only; the ceiling has no established stress points for hanging.

House Sound
Public address system only; it is recommended that Lessee supply sound enhancement or reinforcement for live performance.

The Arena can furnish labor to include electrician, load-in and tear out, stagehands, runners, spotlight operators.

Event Staffing
The Arena will schedule operations staff, housekeeping, ushers, parking attendants, ticket sellers and ticket takers, security, and Emergency Medical Technicians when required.

Banquet Rooms

  • Paddock Room is triangular and 2,270 square feet
  • Tack Room is rectangular and 2,560 square feet
  • Winner's Circle Lounge is circular and 1,420 square feet