M-NCPPC lets you choose between two dental plans from Delta Dental, The Delta Dental PPO plan and the DeltaCare HMO plan.  No matter which plan you choose, you will have access to reliable dentist networks and affordable preventive care. 

The Delta Dental PPO plan offers you the convenience of visiting any licensed dentist, nationwide and also a special cost-saving "safety net".  Covered services are paid based on a percentage.  For example, fillings are covered at 80%, you pay the remaining 20%.   As a cost-saving "safety net", the PPO program gives you access to two (2) dentist networks at once.  Your out-of-pocket expense are lowest when you visit a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO network.  Nationwide, 55% of all dentists are in the Delta Dental PPO network.  In addition, if you visit a dentist in the Delta Premier network, Delta Dental limits the dentist's total collectable charge.  Nationwide, 79% of all dentists can be found in the Delta Dental Premier network.  Only with a non-participating dentist is there no contracted fee limit of any kind. 
Under the DeltaCare HMO plan, you have your choice of skilled primary dentists from the DeltaCareUSA network.  You select a primary care dentist, who will coordinate any referrals to a specialist.  You pay a preset copayment (dollar amount) for covered services provided by your DeltaCare USA dentist. The copayment schedule can be found in your DeltaCare USA Summary.  There are no annual deductibles or maximums.  

To find out more about the services provided visit the DeltaDental website.