Kinder Main Event Benefits Package ($5,000)

Logo for M and T Bank written in green letters.

Kinder Event Benefits Package ($3,000)

Logo for Metro by T-Mobile written in purple and pink lettering.

Kinder Support Benefits Package ($1,500)

Logo for 2018 Amerigroup Logo written in blue letters with a blue flower and green heart on left

Kinder Friend Benefits Package ($500)

Logo for coca cola written in bright red cursive lettering.
Logo for Launch Trampoline Park written in bold white letters with green, yellow, and black borders
Logo for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity with a gold boat anchor behind the seal.
Logo for Patient First written in bold green lettering.

Kinder In-Kind

Logo for Giant Foods Grocery written in purple with yellow, red, purple, and green petals above
Logo for Baby Scientist written in bright pink letters with drawing of kid scientists on letters.
Logo for Dave and Busters written in white surrounded by orange and blue circles.
Logo for New Home Baptist Church with white dove flying in the center.