Conservation & Research

Patuxent River Park supports a variety of conservation and research projects. These projects include tagging, monitoring and surveys:

Patuxent River Park is also a Chesapeake Bay-MD component of the National Estuarine Research Reserve (CBNERR- MD) under NOAA. CBNERR-MD is one of 29 reserve sites in the US that protect and manage estuarine areas as natural field laboratories and develop long-term coordinated research and education programs to address key Bay issues. CBNERR-MD related research includes real-time water quality and weather monitoring, water quality and habitat studies, flora and fauna studies, water level and wetland elevation studies, and habitat mapping.

Please contact us at 301-627-6074 or if you are: 

  • Researchers (including universities and government agencies) interested in conducting independent research projects at Patuxent River Park OR
  • If you are interested in assisting with these projects.