Special Projects / Research

The Special Projects Section is responsible for providing technical advice on the need for public facilities, mandatory referral cases, and agricultural issues, as well as a wide variety of special projects involving research and the implementation of new planning tools. These three functions are provided through team members who work together toward preparing:
  • Agricultural planning
  • Mandatory referral reviews
  • Master, functional, and sector plans
  • Public facilities planning


Public Facilities

The Public Facilities Team addresses comprehensive public facility planning at the County level. It is responsible for addressing a variety of public facilities including schools, water, sewer, fire, police, and libraries and providing technical support to the County’s Police Department, Fire/EMS Department, Library System, and the Board of Education.

Mandatory Referral 

The Mandatory Referral Team handles a review process for all public sector—federal, state, and local—development projects public and private utilities are reviewed. Full reviews benefit from Planning Board advice and recommendations, which can greatly improve a project. The intake process determines if a project is either exempt, subject to the entitlement process instead, or is appropriate for a mandatory referral review. For more information, visit the Mandatory Referral web page.

Agricultural Planning 

The Agricultural Planning Team prepares studies and plans that provide findings, policies, and strategies for sustaining urban and rural agriculture in the County, including agritourism, farmers’ markets, and special agriculture-related events. The team works with the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council, the agricultural marketing specialist, and the urban agriculture coordinator, to support agricultural business enterprises and implement sound zoning guidelines. For recent planning efforts, visit the 2017 Resource Conservation Plan web page.

Research Unit

The Research Unit prepares a wide variety of research, forecasting, reporting and data collection activities on Prince George’s County. It makes available detailed information and information services on planning activities and processes. This unit performs data collection, analysis, and presentation for:
  • Government agencies
  • Private businesses
  • Residents

Contact Staff

Name Title Phone Number
Supervisor Direct: 301-952-4982  | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2636
Vacant Urban Agriculture
Food Systems

Fatimah Hasan Agricultural Preservation
Mandatory Referral
Direct: 301-952-3580  | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2707
Real Estate Market Analysis
Special Research Studies
Housing Policy Analysis
Mandatory Referral
  Public Facilities Referral
Libraries and Corrections

Christine Osei WSSC Liaison
Mandatory Referral
Direct: 301-952-3313  | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2657
Ivy Thompson Schools, Fire/EMS, and Police
Water and Sewer
Direct: 301-952-4326  | Teams Mobile: 240-573-2719