FY21 Annual Work Plan

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Inspector General

FY21 Audit Plan, approved by the Audit Committee

Performance Audits

  • FY20 Carryover - OLA FUP, IT Asset Management, Park Police OT FUP
  • PGC Golf Courses (3)
  • Stand-by Pay
  • Active Net Cost Distribution
  • Covid (and other) leave assessment
  • Park Police 3rd Party Billings
  • Peppermill CC Contract Review
  • IT Security Assessment

Prince George's County Audits

  • Facility Audits

Montgomery County Audits

  • Facility Audits

Note:  The completion of the identified Performance Audits may be impacted (i.e. cancelled, postponed, or subject to scope reduction) due to the completion of other reviews (e.g. Fraud, Waste & Abuse investigations and/or Management Advisory reviews) and availability of Office of Inspector General personnel.  The Inspector General may also recommend substitute audits as required.