Long-Range Transportation Planning

The primary function of the Long-Range team is to provide assistance in all of the County’s long-range planning efforts, which includes but is not limited to the review and preparation of the transportation infrastructure section for all master plans, general plans, and sector plans; maintenance and application of the County’s long-range forecast model; assistance in County Map Amendments and Sector Plan Amendments; the review of Mandatory Referral applications and Clearinghouse requests; and other special assignments/requests as it relates to long-range planning.  Planners assigned to the Long-Range Team will serve as the point of contact for all long-range transportation planning needs and questions for the section, division, and department. 

Transportation Planning Studies

  1. 2009 Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation

The 2009 Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation (MPOT) for Prince George's County is the strategic, multimodal transportation vision for Prince George's County.

Updating the MPOT was a core recommendation of the 2002 Prince George's County Approved General Plan. The previous master plan of transportation was 27 years old when the update was approved in November 2009 and had been amended by 34 subsequently approved master plans.

The updated MPOT incorporates all previous amendments into one document. It provides a strategic planning, evaluation, and implementation framework for the multimodal, modern transportation network needed to support the growth and development envisioned in the 2002 General Plan.

Core Recommendations

The MPOT contains 4 sets of core recommendations, each of which will present a different, but interlocking, set of planning and implementation challenges and opportunities for Prince George's County.

  • Fixed Guideway Transit
  • Strategic Transportation Policy and Plan Implementation
  • Streets, Roads, and Highways
  • Trails, Bikeways, and Pedestrian MobilityCountrywide Master Plan of Transportation Logo

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