Public Hunting

Recreational hunting for white tailed deer is permitted at select parks in partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Deer hunting is allowed during the regulated state deer hunting seasons only. M-NCPPC hunting areas are designated as Cooperative Wildlife Management Areas. Specific rules and regulations, on top of state regulations, are in effect.

  • A valid Maryland hunting license and public land hunting permit are required.
  • Call DNR Myrtle Grove Office (301-743-5161) to make daily reservations.
  • Parking permit included with the "free public land hunting permit" must be displayed on the hunter vehicle dash at all times while hunting at M-NCPPC parks. 
  • Some sites are gated. Code to access gates will be given when you make your reservation.
  • M-NCPPC allows hunter access at Aquasco/Gardner/Queen Anne/Marlboro from 1.5 hours before sunrise and 1.5 hours after sunset, Monday through Saturday. Billingsley CWMA is open Monday through Friday, 9am until 1.5 hours after sunset.

Public Hunting Parks

 The following parks are open to public hunting for deer:
Visit the Maryland DNR Southern Region Public Hunting Lands web page for information on public hunting opportunities in southern Maryland, requirements to obtain the "free public land hunting permit", and information on how to get a reservation to hunt at M-NCPPC parks.

Contact Us

For more information, please email or call the Park Ranger Office at 301-627-7755.

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