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Michelle Talibah 

Mediated Tendencies 1

Headshot of artist Michelle Talibah

About the Artist:

Michelle Talibah is an artist/ curator, whose practice in the visual arts is unique. Her professional visual arts participation includes that as a painter, public artist, educator, and curator. 

Over the past thirty years, she has achieved national acclaim as a painter and has exhibited in galleries and visual art venues throughout the United States. She is the recipient of the D.C. Commission/National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant and engaged in a broad range of media during an artist residency at Gettysburg College, The Studio Museum in Harlem, the Vermont Studio Center; and most recently, at the Experimental Printmaking Studio at Lafayette College and Raven Editions Printmaking Studio. 

Her work as a public artist includes that as a muralist for three works designed by the late Sol LeWitt, installed at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center, and the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum.

* the internal content of a concept.

Artist Statement:
"Themes of my work consistently resort to ruminations on power; the power of the invisible, the power of recall, and the power of spirit in the eternal challenge between good and evil. I often find inspiration merely from compelling composition, and relationships in space structuring form; allured by line and the phenomenon of color."

Mediated Tendencies

Mediated Tendencies is a series of four mixed media works on paper that are contemplations for paintings.  The title reflects an ongoing pursuit of investigative discovery of creative intent and process.  My works are not intentional efforts toward a singular statement but reference an internal practice for unraveling recollection, intention, and social/sensory imprint.

Artwork Information:

#’s 1,2,3,4
Dimensions:  "11" x "14"
Medium: Oil Stick drawing on paper
Price: $500 each

Adjoa Burrowes

Headshot Adjoa Burrowes

Adjoa Burrowes_Winds of Change_08 (1)

Artist statement
In my art practice, I navigate between printmaking, sculpture, and painting, depending
on the message I want to convey in the work. Printmaking, however, has held my
interest the longest - from my undergraduate years at Howard University in Washington
D.C., until now. The scent and sound of ink rolled over a surface, and the intrigue of
paper peeled slowly from a plate, has captured me for decades. My monotypes are
often printed directly from acetate sheets that are laid directly on the press and inked, or
from an flexible gelatin plate where paper or plastic stencils have been laid on top of the
inked surface. I often run the plate through the press multiple times to get a layered
effect, including a “ghost” run where the ink appears very faint. The artist’s hand is
always present in my prints whether they are printed through an artists’ press or the
result of pressure applied by hand. The themes in my work include visual narratives
relating to the angst of contemporary life, in an increasingly dangerous political
landscape. Many of my recent prints reflect the tension of the times including the
pandemic, massive social unrest, and the toll racism, and injustice extract from society.
My use of reclaimed plastic and other materials in my print process tie into my concerns
about climate injustice and overconsumption.

  1. Winds Of Change_08
    Dimensions: 12"x 15"
    Medium: Monotype on Paper  
    Price: $500
  2. Winds Of Change_10

    Dimensions: 12"x 15"
    Medium: Monotype on Paper 
    Price: $500

  3. Rising Storm_1

    Dimensions: 12"x 15"
    Medium: Monotype on Paper 
    Price: $500

  4. Rising Storm_2

    Dimensions: 12"x 15"
    Medium: Monotype on Paper 
    Price: $500

  5. Run Down and Run Over
    Dimensions: 12"x 15"
    Medium: Monotype on Paper 
    Price: $500;

Claudia “Aziza” Gibson-Hunter

Jimmy Gives a Sermon (Jimmy Smith),  12_x 10_ x 1_  Acrylic paint, colored pencil, 2020, paper on cr

Head shot 2020

Claudia (Aziza) Gibson- Hunter is a painter addressing the concept of Flight in her art practice. The gris gris exhibited in this collection is a testament to her artistic thinking as it relates to the Black community and the need for protection and an accelerated growth of consciousness. 

Laws Rites (Hubert Laws)

Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil


Price: $500.00

Jimmy Gives a Sermon (Jimmy Smith)

Dimensions: 12 ½” x 10 ” x 1”

Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil


Price: $500.00

Roy Weaves Even Still

Dimensions: 9” x "14” x 1”

Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil


Price: $500.00

A Liberated Man (Horace Silver)

Dimensions: 13” x 10” x 1”

Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil


Price: $500.00

Street Fighter (Kamasi Washington)

Dimensions: 11” x 13 ½” x 1”

Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil


Price: $500.00

Faith Ringgold

faith ringgoldWynton's Tune

Wynton's Tune

Dimensions: 30" x 22"
Medium: Serigraph
Edition of 100
Printed by Raven Editions Fine Arts (Master Printmaker Curlee Raven Holton)
Price: $4,500

Melanie Royster

Headshot of artist Melanie RoysterBlue Print

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 
Dimensions: 14”x14”
Price: $1225

Description: Everyone wants the Blueprint. This painting depicts a Black woman keeping her “blueprint” close to her heart. She is struggling to trust anyone around her but wants to trust her because of her caring nature. When you look to the bottom right you see 9 slashes that represent her lifeline number. People who are affiliated with the Life Path Number 9 are humanitarians, generous and humble in their nature. They have a sense of deep affection for people and are always willing to help them. They are affected by the concerns of the world and empathize with people in need. She knows those around her need her spirit, but she is just so tired.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 
Dimensions: 14”x14”
Price: $1025

Description: There is something special about watching a blank canvas turn into a beautiful, strong piece of art. It is even more remarkable when two or more people pour their collective energy into creating it. In honor of celebrating women, artists Melanie Royster and Genea Morrow created Maia High Tides. A sort of full-circle moment for us to go from hosting an exhibition together to now creating art a full year later. Maia High Tides' namesakes come from the Greek Goddess Maia, mother to Hermes, the Messenger God. She was known for being the shy goddess and an Earth goddess, a nurturer, a mother, a nurse, and a grandmother of magic. This piece combines her strength not only in her physical form but also to show her power of expelling a nurturing force through the night.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 14”x14” 
Price: $1375

Description: Our ancestors are always present and leading the way if we pay attention. In this piece you see the figure looking back as if someone called her name, but no one is there. She feels the energy, but no one is there. She is receiving a message, but no one is there. She looks up and sees the sun shining on her but still no one is there. She feels comforted, she knows her spirit guides are present. She is ready to move forward in her journey. Someone is there.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 14”x14”
Price: $1100 

Description: This piece just really celebrates union and how being rooted in the community really can shed so much light on one’s life. In my own life, the women around me have always made me feel seen and supported, even when they are battling with their own darkness and struggle. The dark skin of each figure shows the darkness everyone has been feeling the past few years, especially within my friend groups but together there is so much light. This is a tribute to them. This a tribute to women who support each other and create safe spaces for other women.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 
Dimensions: 24” X36” 
Price: $2975 

Description: There is a tale that has been told over the years in the Caribbean, which states that when a bird gets a strand of your hair and uses it for its nest it can drive you mad. This can be reflected in society which often takes from and disrespects black women, which is driving us mad. But there’s a twist because the nest on her head can also be seen as a crown. So no matter how they try to keep us down, we are still queens, still thriving, and still important members of society. As you can see, the mother bird has nothing to feed her babies—a sign of black women taking their power back.

Cheryl Edwards

Cheryl EdwardsAttachment-1 (9)

Career Narative

Cheryl D. Edwards, an African American artist was (b. 1954) in Miami Beach, Florida. She began
her studies in art during 1987 in New York City in a class at the Art Student League taught by
Ernest Crichlow. She has been living in Washington, DC for the past 28 years. Cheryl has
exhibited in many shows in the Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Miami, Texas,
Pennsylvania, Rotterdam, Germany, Monaco, and Hong Kong. Her medium is oil, ink,
printmaking, mixed media, and acrylics. . Cheryl is a 2022(also 2021
and 2015) DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Fellowship Awardee. Cheryl is the winner
of the Black Writers Fellowship: Reporter awarded by Hand Papermaking, Inc. Cheryl is an
awardee in the Art Cart: Saving the Legacy project selected by the Research Center for Arts and
Culture. The Art Cart Project resulted in the archival of her artwork in the Academic Commons
Columbia University archives. Cheryl is also a Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of the
David Driskell Center (University of Maryland); Board member of The, Studio Visit, a member of
[KUN:ST] International, a member of the Education Committee of the McClean Project for the
Arts and an Advisor to the Washington Sculptors Group in Washington, D.C I have spent the
time during the pandemic interviewing African American Artists and Artists of Color, I have
conducted a total of 10 interviews for this project, Françoise Vergés | The Studio Visit. I have
published 2 artist profile articles in the Hand Papermaking Magazine , HAND PAPERMAKING,
Inc. – magazine – newsletter – portfolios. I have curated 2 exhibits, “Breathe” at the Joan
Hisaoko Gallery in D.C., East City Art Reviews—Breathe: Embracing the Uncertainties of the
Human Condition | East City Art, Where to see art gallery shows in the Washington region - The
Washington Post, and “Hospitality- counterbalance venom” at the CADE Gallery in Anne
Arundel Community College, Cade Center Gallery - Anne Arundel Community College (
Cade Center Gallery - Anne Arundel Community College ( Cade Center Gallery - Anne
Arundel Community College ( And lastly, I have been working on a series entitled
“Quintessence” consisting of 11 oil paintings to date (40x30 and 48x36 inches); 6 individual
woodcut prints; and 10 pulp paintings.

1. "Expectant", digital drawing on transparency, 10.5 x 8.5 inches framed, 2015  $350.00

2. "Presence", digital drawing on transparency, 10.5 x 8.5 inches framed, 2015  $350.00

3. "Water Angel #5", ink stain on raw canvas, stitching, wasp nest, photo transfer, 2018  $3,500.00

4. "Water Angel #4", ink stain on raw canvas, stitching, African glass beads, photo transfer, 2018 $3,500.00

5.  "Water Angel #1", ink stain on raw canvas, stitching, African bead necklace, photo transfer, 2018 $3,500.00;

Katherine Tompson

Black and white headshot of a woman

Person covered in red patchwork fabric with hands and one eye visible

Kat Thompson is an artist based in Virginia who works in photography, textile, sculptural
collage, and installation. She confronts her dual American and Jamaican identity through projects
that depict traces of her family’s journey using personal and found materials. Her focus is to
uncover stories that mirror parts of ourselves back to us, including our histories, current realities,
and future possibilities. Thompson is an alumna of George Mason University where she received
her BFA in Photography. She is currently completing her MFA at Virginia Commonwealth
University in Richmond.

“Looking for My People”. 2022. Photo printed on PhotoTex. 20” x 23” - $250

“Hold me Jamaica”. 2022. Photo printed on PhotoTex. 11”x 16”- $200

“Covered in Labor.” 2022. Photo printed on PhotoTex. 11”x 16” - $200

Jamaica: Green - $3000