What does the "school facilities surcharge" mean?
The school facilities surcharge is a fee collected at the time of the issuance of the building permit. It goes into a fund that supplements new school construction costs in the county.

In 2003 the Prince George’s County Council through a County Council bill, CB-31-2003, established a school facilities surcharge on new residential construction permits. The school facilities surcharge may be used for the construction of additional or expanded school facilities and renovations to existing school buildings or other systemic changes.

Section 10-192.01(b)(1)(B) of the Prince George’s County Code requires the surcharge to be adjusted for inflation. A Prince George’s County Council resolution, CR-051-2011, adjusted the surcharge for Fiscal Year 2012, beginning July1, 2011, to $8,565 for permits issued for buildings located between Interstate Highway 495 and the District of Columbia and for permits issued for buildings included within a basic plan or conceptual site plan that abuts an existing or planned mass transit rail station site operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and $14,682 for permits issued for all other buildings.

For more information, please call 301-952-3208.

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