What changes are allowed to my historic property?
The preservation easement does not require that the property remain “frozen in time” but that any changes to the exterior of buildings need to be architecturally compatible with the historic and architectural character of the property. (In a few instances, additional restrictions may be required to protect important interior architectural features.) For exterior changes and additions, M-NCPPC will work with the owner to ensure that any alterations remain sympathetic to and compatible with the character of the original structure. Routine maintenance projects do not require M-NCPPC review. However, changing exterior materials (roofing, siding, windows), new additions, demolitions, and alterations to the exterior, do require approval from M-NCPPC. The easement’s restrictions on land may prohibit or limit subdivision and require that the historic or natural landscape of the property be maintained.

There are no restrictions regarding the use of the property (it may, for example, be a single or multi-family residence or a commercial, industrial, or institutional building), as long as the property is in compliance with existing zoning regulations

For more information, please call Historic Preservation at 301-952-3520.

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