What are my out-of-pocket costs in donating an easement?
The historic preservation staff of M-NCPPC will work with property owners to develop the specific terms of the easement and requisite baseline documentation. There are no fees associated with these professional services. However, the property owner should plan on
expenses associated with the review of the easement by an attorney of the applicant’s choice, and/or a tax or real estate advisor. The owner must obtain an easement appraisal by a qualified, independent appraiser in order to determine the easement value, or tax deduction to which the owner may be entitled.

Lastly, the property owner must provide a title search on the property that is prepared by an attorney or title examiner. This will verify the legal ownership of the property, provide a legal description and acreage as well as determine whether or not there are any encumbrances of record that will need to be cleared prior to completion of the easement transaction. Bank service charges for mortgage subordination also may be applicable.

For more information, please call Historic Preservation at 301-952-3520.

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