What are the basic tax code requirements for an easement?
The federal and state governments provide tax incentives for easements given only for certain qualified purposes. To qualify as a charitable contribution, and thus to receive federal and state income tax reductions, he easement must be perpetual, must be made to a qualified donee, and must meet one or more of the conservation purposes set out in the federal tax code:
- Preservation of historically important land or buildings (generally, the property must be listed on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places
- Preservation of land for outdoor recreation or education
- Protection of relatively natural habitats for fish, wildlife, or plants
- Preservation of open space pursuant to a clearly delineated governmental policy.

Note: The complexities of the federal tax code and the applicable IRS regulations are not easily encapsulated in a short summary, so prospective easement grantors are strongly advised to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney with experience in such matters.

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