Why do trees have to be reduced in height?

The State of Maryland and the Federal Aviation Administration established minimum obstruction requirements that help protect the well-being of the public, both in aircrafts and on the ground. For more information, visit faa.gov.

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1. What is the College Park Airport Safety Project?
2. Why do trees have to be reduced in height?
3. Why do you have to continuously reduce the height of trees?
4. Is the intent of M-NCPPC to allow for larger aircrafts to use the College Park Airport?
5. What are Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs)? Did installing them result in more acreage of trees to be trimmed and/or removed?
6. When will trimming have to occur again?
7. How will M-NCPPC keep the public informed of future tree trimmings around the airport?
8. How can residents submit questions and/or feedback about this project?