Station Area Vision

This center features a distinct, integrated and inviting mixed-use community of retail, office, entertainment and residential uses that achieve a high-intensity 24-hour environment, while preserving and protecting two major tributaries of the Anacostia River. The plan calls for improved access to the Capital Beltway, two mixed-use developments in the core area, and a transit village with distinct neighborhoods based on neo-traditional planning concepts. 

Greenbelt Metrorail Station

  • Located at the intersection of Cherrywood Lane and the Capital Beltway (Interstate 95/495).
  • There are wetlands and floodplain environmental conditions on the station site.
  • The nearest communities are City of Greenbelt, Town of Berwyn Heights, and residential communities of Hollywood and Springhill Lake.
  • The General Plan places this station in the Developed Tier and classifies it as a Metropolitan Center.
  • The station area is within a development district overlay zone (DDOZ).
  • Access is via the Capital Beltway (Interstate 95/495), Kenilworth Avenue (MD 201), Greenbelt Road (MD 193), and Cherrywood Lane.

Summary of Allowable Uses

The land uses planned within one-half mile of the Metro station are mixed-use retail, office, entertainment, and residential. The Greenbelt Metro Area Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment (October 2001) is the applicable master plan for this Metrorail station area. 

Sites in Public Ownership

WMATA owns 260 acres including the station and parking area. The State of Maryland owns 111 acres of permanent open space land within one-half mile of the station.

Quick Facts

  • Bike Parking: There are 60 bike racks and 52 lockers available at this station.
  • Car Sharing is available at this station.
  • Parking
    • 3,072-space surface lot
    • 150-space metered surface lot
  • Transit
    • 1 THE BUS route
    • 2 MTA commuter bus routes
    • 8 Metrobus routes
  • Transit Ridership
    • 7,237 entries
    • 7,102 exits