Our Initiatives

Since we believe that employees are our most valuable resource, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) has been a leader in implementing initiatives that allow individuals to grow, both professionally and personally. Our commitment to equal employment opportunity, celebration of employee diversity, and remarkable work/life programs has earned us recognition as a "Workplace of Excellence."

Equal Employment Opportunities

M-NCPPC is firmly committed to diversity in the workplace. Equal employment opportunities form a cornerstone of employment decisions. Candidate and employee merit drives decision-making. Discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or disability is not tolerated. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the demographics of the Prince George’s County Planning Department:

Source: 2010 M-NCPPC Annual Personnel Management Report

Demographics of the Prince George’S County Planning Department tables

Employee Diversity

Several major diversity initiatives have influenced the evolution of the Prince George's Planning Department and expanded our horizons. These initiatives include:

The Diversity Council

Established by Commission Resolution 00-12 on June 21, 2000, the Diversity Council is a committee of employees appointed to promote open dialogue and create initiatives that strengthen understanding and appreciation of individual uniqueness. M-NCPPC believes that it is the individual uniqueness that is the common bond each employee has in enriching the organization's tapestry.

The Diversity Council's Tasks

Development of a vibrant strategic plan that embraces diversity and inclusion as core values of M-NCPPC. Develops and charts an integrated, coordinated, structured approach to diversity and cultural competency within M-NCPPC. Helps link resources and provides support and alignment of all of these efforts throughout M-NCPPC.

Culture Change Initiative (CCI)

In February 2005, the Planning Department undertook a “Culture Change Initiative” (CCI) to further the Department’s abilities to serve our diverse population.

The Culture Change Initiative (CCI) Main Points

  • Can reduce negative employee perceptions, improve staff morale, and retain valued employees. Our intent exceeds any narrow thinking limited to race and gender; diversity may involve differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, disabilities, language, and sexual orientation
  • Embraces diversity and can provide many benefits including improved customer services and relationships, enhanced innovation, and creativity
  • Influences how decisions are made, how we attract new employees, and how we interact with other agencies
  • Is inclusive of who we are and how we treat one another and the community at large