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Planning Department General Information

Phone: 301-952-3594
Fax: 301-952-5804
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Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. Except for Holidays

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Planning and Zoning Information

Divisions and Staff

Office of the Planning Director

Hull, LakishaPlanning Director301-952-3594
Berlage, DerickDeputy Director of OperationsEmail Derick Berlage301-952-4711
King, Suzann M.Deputy Director of AdministrationEmail Suzann M. King301-780-2845
Simmons, SharonDepartment Program Manager / HREmail Sharon Simmons301-952-3597
Coleman-Williams, LorraineBudget ManagerEmail Lorraine Coleman-Williams301-952-4549
Brous, EllenAdministrative Specialist IIEmail Ellen Brous301-952-4674
Gonzales, MarcyAdministrative Specialist IIEmail Marcy Gonzales301-952-5406
Jones, RoxieAdministrative Specialist IIEmail Roxie Jones301-952-4251
Kelley, LisaAdministrative Specialist IIEmail Lisa Kelley301-952-3570
Washington, LisaAdministrative Specialist IEmail Lisa Washington301-952-3762
Smith, Joan D.Administrative Assistant IIIEmail Joan D. Smith301-780-2914

Planning Director’s Office

Physical Address:

1616 McCormick Drive
Largo, MD 20774
Phone: 301-952-3594
Fax: 301-952-5804 (For PDO inquiries only)

Community Planning Division

Felts, TonyDivision Chief, Community PlanningEmail Tony Felts
Ramirez-Blust, LyndaPlanner IIEmail Lynda Ramirez-Blust301-780-9602
Albrecht, JillPlanner Technician IIIEmail Jill Albrecht301-952-3937
Clouatre, LyndseyPlanner IIILyndsey.Clouatre@ppd.mncppc.org301-780-8312
Arsenault, KoreyPlanner IEmail Korey Arsenault301-952- 4317
Lutz, EmilyPlanner IIIEmail Emily Lutz 301-952-3253
Bishop, AndrewPlanner IIIEmail Andrew Bishop301-952-4897
Mekonnen, ElizabethPlanner IEmail Elizabeth Mekonnen301-952-4363
Selvakumar, JosephinePlanner IIIEmail Josephine Selvakumar301-952-3551
Klein, ConnorPlanner IIIEmail Connor Klein301-952-4609
Daniels, LeahIntern II, Community Planning DivisionEmail Leah Daniels301-952-3631
Benton, SarahSupervisor, Long-Range PlanningEmail Sarah Benton301-952-5597
Banham, ZacharySenior GIS SpecialistEmail Zachary Banham301-952-4371
Division, Community Planning Email Community Planning Division Staff301-952-3972
Placemaking Section, Prince George’s County Email PGCPlacemaking301-952-3972
Mierow, KarenPlanner IIIEmail Karen Mierow301-952-3026
Dodgshon , AdamSupervisor, PlacemakingEmail Adam Dodgshon301-952-3153
Tewolde, MussieSenior GIS SpecialistEmail Mussie Tewolde301-952-4293
Hartsfield, ChristinaPlanner IIIEmail Christina Hartsfield301-952-3410
Ruiz, ArnaldoPlanner IIEmail Arnaldo Ruiz301-952-4523
Rowe, Scott
Planner IVEmail Scott Rowe301-952-3521
Skibinski, BillPlanner IIIEmail Bill Skibinski301-952-3572
Stachura, FrederickSupervisor, Neighborhood RevitalizationEmail Frederick Stachura301-780-8306
Green, David A.Planner IVEmail David A. Green301-952-4797
Akins, VanessaSpecial Program CoordinatorEmail Vanessa Akins301-952-3134
Franklin, Judith
Administrative Assistant IIIEmail Judith Franklin301-952-4225
Henderson, TamikaAdministrative Assistant IIIEmail Tamika Henderson301-952-3646
Lester, ThomasPlanner IVEmail Thomas Lester301-952-3756
Sams, DanielPlanner IVEmail Daniel Sams301-952-3166
Tariq, MahaPlanner IIEmail Maha Tariq301-952-5389
Clouatre, LyndseyPlanner IIIEmail Lyndsey Clouatre301-780-8312
Calomese, MichaelPlanner IIIEmail Michael Calomese301-952-3179
Dickerson, GarrettPlanner IIEmail Garrett Dickerson301-952-3671
McCune, KierreSupervisor, Long Range PlanningEmail Kierre McCune301-952-3211
Perry, ElenaPlanner IIEmail Elena Perry301-780-8156
Nair, AnusreePlanner IIEmail Anusree Nair301-780-2233
Levy, TheodorePlanner IIEmail Theodore Levy301-780-9612

Community Planning
Phone: 301-952-3972, Fax: 301-952-4121
Email Community Planning Division Staff

Countywide Planning Division

Shoulars, KatinaDivision Chief, Countywide PlanningEmail Katina Shoulars301-952-3065
Brake, MichelleAdministrative Assistant II, HP & TransportationEmail Michelle Brake301-952-3680
Willliams, ChadCountywide Specialist PlannerEmail Chad Williams301-952-3171
Dixon, JuneAdmin. Assistant III, Special ProjectsEmail June Dixon301-952-5404

Environmental Planning

Phone: 301-952-3650
Fax: 301-952-3612
Email Environmental Planning Team

Burke, ThomasPlanner Supervisor, Environmental PlanningEmail Thomas Burke301-952-2739
Meoli, ChristianPlanner II Email Christian Meoli301-952-3841
Sinn, DonggeunPlanner IIIEmail Donggeun Sinn240-573-2110
Fields, ErnestPlanning Technician SupervisorEmail Ernest Field301-952-4312
Nichols, PagePrincipal Planning TechnicianEmail Page Nichols301-952-3724
Finch, KimPlanner IVEmail Kim Finch301-952-3506
Reiser, MeganPlanner IVEmail Megan Reiser301-952-3752
Schneider, Alwin (Chuck)Planner IIIEmail Alwin (Chuck) Schneider240-573-2590
Kirchhof, AlexanderPlanner IEmail Alexander Kirchhof301-780-8311
Rea, MaryPlanner IIEmail Mary Rea301-952-3661
Nickle, SuzannePlanner IVEmail Suzanne Nickle301-952-3340
Contee, WendyPlanning Technician IIIEmail Wendy Contee301-952-3569

Historic Preservation

Phone: 301-952-3520
Email Historic Preservation

Gross, ThomasSupervisor, Historic PreservationEmail Thomas Gross301 952 3681
Zalc, NataliePlanning Technician II Email Kacy Rohn 301 952 3650
Chisholm, AmeliaArcheology Planner IIEmail Amelia Chisholm301-952-4326
Rohn , KacyPlanner IIIEmail Kacy Rohn 301-952-4747
Smith, TylerPlanner IIEmail Tyler Smith301-952-5902
Stabler, JenniferArcheology Planner IVEmail Jennifer Stabler301-952-5595
Tana, DanielPlanner IIIEmail Daniel Tana301-952-3574

Special Projects

Phone: 301-952-3065
Fax: 301-952-5887

Ray, BobbySupervisor, Special ProjectsEmail Bobby Ray 301-952-4982
VacantPlanner Coordinator301-952-3580
Osei, ChristinePlanner CoordinatorEmail Christine Osei301-952-3313
Walker, TineyaPrincipal Planning TechnicianEmail Tineya.Walker 301-952-3215

Transportation Planning

Phone: 301-952-3084

Hancock, CrystalActing Supervisor, Transportation PlanningEmail Crystal Hancock301-952-3634
Patrick, BenjaminPlanner IEmail Benjamin Patrick301-952-4947
Davila, ManfredoPlanner CoordinatorEmail Manfredo Davila301-952-5379
Tenenbaum, EvanPlanner IIIEmail Evan Tenenbaum301-780-2840
Jackson, MichaelPlanner IIIEmail Michael Jackson301-952-3412
Ryan, BenjaminPrincipal Planning TechnicianEmail Benjamin Ryan301-952-4383

Development Review Division

Hunt, James
Division Chief, Development Review DivisionEmail James Hunt301-952-4151
Dorlester, AndreaSupervisor, Urban DesignEmail Andrea Dorlester301-952-4325
Grigsby, MartyPrincipal Planning TechnicianEmail Marty Grisgby301-952-3772
Hurlbutt, JeremySupervisor, ZoningEmail Jeremy Hurlbutt301-952-4277
Hughes, MichelleSupervisor, Permit Review, Largo OfficeEmail Michelle Hughes240-253-6491
Garland, HyojungActing Supervisor, Urban DesignEmail Hyojung Garland301-952-3951
Conner, SherriSupervisor, SubdivisionEmail Sherri Conner301-952-3168
Kosack, JillPlanner IVEmail Jill Kosack301-952-4689
Pompey-Green, RethaSupervisor, Administrative ServicesEmail Retha Pompey-Green301-952-4788
Summerlin, CherylSupervisor, ApplicationsEmail Cheryl Summerlin301-952-3578
Smith, Helen
Supervisor, Planning Information ServicesEmail Helen Smith301-952-5401 | 240-545-8976
Larman, BrookeSupervisor, Permit Review SectionEmail Brooke Larman301-952-3216

Development Review
Phone: 301-952-3530
Fax: 301-952-3749

Planning Information Services

Largo—Stormwater Management
9201 Basil Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
PRIMARY PHONE: 301-883-5944
SECONDARY PHONE: 301-883-5710
FAX: 301-883-9218 or 301-883-7139

Largo—Permit Review (Located within DPIE)
9400 Peppercorn Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
PRIMARY PHONE: 301-883-5776
SECONDARY PHONE: 301-883-5867
FAX: 301-883-7150

Zoning Rewrite Team

Williams, ChadMaster PlannerEmail Chad WilliamsDirect: 301-952-3171

Information Management Division

Cannistra, JamesDivision Chief, Information Management DivisionEmail James Cannistra301-952-5186
Dorsey, TinaSupervisor, Data SystemsEmail Tina Dorsey301-952-4237
Shean, MichaelSupervisor, Geographic Information SystemEmail Mike Shean301-952-4779
Strong, ShareeseSupervisor, Network and Technology ServicesEmail Shareese Strong301-952-3484
Zhao AICP, KuiSupervisor, ResearchEmail Kui Zhao301-952-3080
Address Team Email Address Team301-952-3918
GIS Team Email GIS Team301-952-3918
Data Systems Email Data Systems Team301-952-3918

Information Management Division
Phone: 301-952-3918
Email IMD Staff

Management Services Division

Alexander, AlishaDivision Chief, Management Services DivisionEmail Alisha Alexander301-952-5411
Hartmann, DanielManager / Publications, Graphics, and Web DevelopmentEmail Daniel Hartmann301-952-5807
Jackson, A. LaylaFacilities Management / General Administration ManagerEmail Layla Jackson301-952-3670
Williams, DeWayneOffice Services SupervisorEmail DeWayne Williams301-952-3722
Tayman, JuanitaAdministrative Assistant IIIEmail Juanita Tayman301-780-2026

Management Services Division
Phone: 301-952-3560
Fax: 301-952-5074
Email Community Outreach / Media Relations