Our Initiatives

Since we believe that employees are our most valuable resource, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) has been a leader in implementing initiatives that allow individuals to grow professionally and personally. Our commitment to equal employment opportunity, a celebration of employee diversity, and remarkable work/life programs have earned us recognition as a “Workplace of Excellence.”

Equal Employment Opportunities

M-NCPPC is firmly committed to diversity in the workplace. Equal employment opportunities form a cornerstone of employment decisions. Candidate and employee merit drive decision-making. Discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or disability is unacceptable. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the demographics of the Prince George’s County Planning Department:

Source: 2010 M-NCPPC Annual Personnel Management Report

Employee Diversity

Several major diversity initiatives have influenced the evolution of the Prince George’s Planning Department and expanded our horizons. These initiatives include:

The Diversity Council

Established by Commission Resolution 00-12 on June 21, 2000, the Diversity Council is a committee of employees appointed to promote open dialogue and create initiatives that strengthen understanding and appreciation of individual uniqueness. M-NCPPC believes that it is the individual uniqueness that is the common bond each employee has in enriching the organization’s tapestry.

The Diversity Council’s Tasks

Development of a vibrant strategic plan that embraces diversity and inclusion as core values of M-NCPPC. Develops and charts an integrated, coordinated, structured approach to diversity and cultural competency within M-NCPPC. Helps link resources and provides support and alignment of all of these efforts throughout M-NCPPC.

Culture Change Initiative (CCI)

In February 2005, the Planning Department undertook a “Culture Change Initiative” (CCI) to further the Department’s abilities to serve our diverse population.

The Culture Change Initiative (CCI) Main Points