Community Planning

Planning Livable Communities

The mission of the Community Planning Division is to plan for livable communities, provide the highest quality community planning services, and to work with stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of approved plans and studies.

Guiding Development

The Community Planning Division is responsible for conducting a variety of projects that help guide development in the County. The County is divided into seven subregions, which are further divided into 36 planning areas.

Projects include:

  • Master and sector plans
  • Sectional map amendments
  • Minor amendment
  • Planning studies
  • Implementation projects

What’s Included In A Community Planning Project?

Master & Sector Plans

A master plan provides specific recommendations for a subregion or planning area regarding land use, the environment, historic preservation, housing, commercial and employment areas, economic development, urban design, transportation, and public facilities. Sector plans perform the same function as a master plan but focus on a smaller geography that exhibits special circumstances. For example, a sector plan may cover the area around a Metro station.

Sectional Map Amendments

A sectional map amendment is the comprehensive rezoning of a subregion, planning area, or a specific geography within a planning area. They generally occur concurrently or shortly after the approval of a master or sector plan. They are an important component in the initial implementation of a master or sector plan.

Minor Amendments

A minor amendment is the modification of an approved master or sector plan to correct an inconsistency or error within a plan, or to respond to changing conditions in the Plan Area.

Planning Studies

Planning studies are conducted to provide detailed information for one or more of the components found in a master or sector plan, e.g. transportation, economic development, etc.

Implementation Projects

Implementation projects relate to recommendations found in a master or sector plan and can cover any of the plan elements.