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What is Go Prince George’s?

Go Prince George’s is the new Master Plan of Transportation. It implements Plan Prince George’s 2035, the County’s approved general plan, by setting a guiding vision, supporting goals, and measurable actions to transform the County’s transportation network by creating more travel options, reconstructing the County’s streets and roads to meet current and future needs, identifying equitable and sustainable investments in the County’s future, and focusing on the movement of people versus solely the movement of vehicles. Go Prince George’s will update and replace the 2009 MPOT Approved Countywide Master Plan of Transportation and will carry forward or update the transportation recommendations from active area master and sector master plans and recently completed transportation studies.

Project Objective And Goals

  • Identify and analyze existing conditions
  • Define new and realistic vision and goals for the area in collaboration with the community
  • Provide policies and strategies for implementation
  • Advance Plan 2035

Our Values

  • People are Paramount
  • Prince Georgians Come First
  • We Can’t Wait
  • Creating Great Places to Live, Work, Play, Learn, and Recreate
  • Equity Means Safe Access for All
  • Prioritizing Sustainability and Climate-Smart Travel


TaskDue Date
Planning Board InitiationJuly 2021
Existing Conditions AnalysisDecember 2023
Public Release of Staff Draft PlanSummer 2022
1st Joint Public HearingJune 2024
Planning Board AdoptionSeptember 2024
Council Approval/AmendmentsJanuary 2025
Approval with 2nd Joint Public HearingApril 2025



Plan Prince George’s 2035
Plan Prince George’s 2035 | M-NCPPC, MD

Vision Zero Prince George’s / Vision Zero del Condado de Prince George
What is Vision Zero Prince Georges? | Prince George’s County, MD

Transit Vision Plan / Plan de Visión del Tránsito
Transit Vision Plan | Prince George’s County, MD

Prince George’s County’s TheBus / TheBus del Condado de Prince George
Prince George’s County’s TheBus | Prince George’s County, MD

Bikeshare in Prince George’s County  / Bikeshare en el Condado de Prince George
Bikeshare in Prince George’s County | Prince George’s County, MD

Glossary of Transportation Terms / Glosario de términos de transporte 
Glossary of Planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Terms

Transportation Planning (Main Page) / Planeación de transporte (página principal)
Transportation Planning | MNCPPC, MD

Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frequentes (PDF)
English | Spanish

Understanding the Master Plan of Transportation / Entendiendo el Plan Maestro de Transporte (PDF)
English | Spanish


Now Online / Ahora en línea:

Community Engagement Meetings Videos

  • Community Engagement Meetings—January 2022 / Reuniones de Participación Comunitaria *make blue*
    • Main Meeting / Reunión principal:
      Insert Video Link: https://youtu.be/SU6sG02DaE8

Click below to access the full playlist of all breakout sessions that occurred during this three-day MPOT community engagement event.

Seleccione abajo para ver la lista completa de las sesiones de grupo que se efectuaron durante el evento de 3-dias de reuniones de participación comunitaria del Plan Maestro de Transporte (MPOT).

Master Plan of Transportation 2035 (MPOT) Municipal Meeting Videos / Vídeos de la reunión municipal del Plan Maestro de Transporte 2035 (MPOT)

Nov 17, 2021 / 17 de noviembre del 2021
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Complete Streets Placemaking Training

Complete Streets Placemaking Training  / Capacitación para la creación de calles integrals
Insert Video Link: https://youtu.be/AzLpWNEKCuw

The Go Prince George’s (formerly Countywide Master Plan of Transportation – Plan 2035 Implementation – MPOT 2035), a countywide functional master plan for guiding transportation infrastructure and network development, will update and replace the 2009 MPOT as well as the transportation facility recommendations from the active area and sector master plans.  

The Prince George’s County Planning Department has initiated a multi-year effort to develop a new and updated Master Plan of Transportation (MPOT). 

Go Prince George’s will also implement the approved general plan, Plan Prince George’s 2035 (Plan 2035).  

Extension of Plan Preparation: On March 21, 2023, the County Council approved a one-year extension of MPOT 2035, to allow the Planning Department to conduct additional legislative outreach and technical analysis, and continue to coordinate with partner agencies.

County Council Initiation: On September 21, 2021, the County Council approved the initiation of the MPOT 2035 Functional Master Plan, as well as the approval of the project’s Recommended Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines and the Public Participation Program.

Planning Board Project Initiation: On July 15, 2021, the Prince George’s County Planning Board initiated the MPOT 2035 Functional Master Plan. The Planning Board’s plan initiation coincided with the transmittal to the District Council for approval, the project’s Recommended Goals, Concepts, and Guidelines, as well as the Public Participation Program. 

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Crystal Hancock

Acting Supervisor, Transportation Planning

Brandon Scott Rowe

Master Planner

Transportation facilities around Prince George’s County