Why is Missing Middle housing important for Prince George's County?

April 8, 2024
  1. Middle housing can re-align the County’s housing stock to better serve the needs of current and future residents. Changing demographics reflect a demand for more diverse housing options, but the County’ housing stock is composed mostly of large, detached dwellings. The County’s 2021 Economic Development Platform identifies the need for diverse housing options concentrated around transit centers to realize the County’s economic goals. The County’s population continues to grow, but that growth needs to be managed to avoid sprawl, preserve the County’s housing affordability, and maintain its economic competitiveness. Housing diversity is a vital part of that project.
  2. Missing Middle housing is a market-oriented approach to provide diverse, attainable housing units for middle-income households.  Smaller units in walkable neighborhoods help reduce per-unit housing costs when compared to single-family only developments. Missing Middle housing types make efficient use of land, which results in greater cost savings.  By locating new housing types near transit and amenities, the County can better provide for residents within existing infrastructure and enable a greater diversity of housing options for current and future County residents. This small-scale approach to addressing housing needs is more inclusive of a wider range of residents, which builds more resilient neighborhoods and a more sustainable future for Prince George’s Count