Downtown & Local Center Implementation Program


Prince George’s County identified three “Downtowns” in Plan 2035. These growth areas will be hubs for development and activity. The downtowns are:

The County chose these areas because they are best positioned to develop into vibrant places. These “Downtowns” will:

Become attractions and destinations for the public

As centers, these places will offer a variety of activities and opportunities. These uses will be both recreational and practical. Residents will have the opportunity to live and work in these enjoyable and productive centers. 

Offer a mix of uses

Residential, employment, and recreational activities will take place at each downtown. Visitors and residents will meet the needs of different visits. A variety of uses will ensure vibrancy and encourage spontaneous use of public space. 

Be connected and walkable

Each downtown connects to a Metrorail station and other public transport. The County will develop each Downtown to have plentiful, safe, accessible, and usable walking paths. Visitors will not need a car to access each Downtown. Seamless pedestrian connections will link attractions and activities. Wayfinding elements like signs and landmarks will orient visitors.

The Placemaking Section works with other agencies on projects to realize these goals. The Team prepares studies, collects data, and monitors and reports progress on each Downtown’s projects. You can learn about these projects on each Downtown’s page. 

The Section also works on projects for Transit Districts and Local Centers, smaller hubs that offer some of the same activities as the larger Downtowns. You can learn more on the dedicated page.

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Adam Dodgshon

Planning Supervisor, Placemaking Section