Largo Town Center

The Largo Town Center area is already a hub for all Prince George’s County. People come to Largo from across the County to access government and medical services. Visitors from around the County, the region, and across the nation pass through Largo en route to FedEx Field and Six Flags America. Prince George’s Community College educates students from across the County. In short, Largo Town Center has some of the best of what Prince George’s County can offer.

This status is why Largo Town Center is one of the three Downtowns prioritized by the County. The Section aims to improve Largo Town Center by working with our partners to:

  • Enable a mix of uses, encompassing residences, recreation, and professional services;
  • Improve connections and pedestrian infrastructure to enable car-free access to Largo Town Center; 
  • Create and implement a “brand” for Largo Town Center, to enhance a sense of “place”; and
  • Support community efforts by Largo area residents.

New Development

New development embraces the vision of Largo Town Center as a walkable, diverse place. These projects include:

  • The University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center, which opened Spring 2021. This center will make Largo a medical hub for the Greater Washington DC region.
  • New residential developments, like Tapestry Largo Station and Ascend Apollo, which have opened in the past five years.
  • The Carillon, which is a mixed-use residential, office, and retail development. This development is under construction and will open in 2023.
  • New facilities for Prince George’s County government. These facilities will cement Largo’s role as a service center for County residents.

These developments will bring more people to Largo Town Center. Furthermore, they build on the pull of FedEx Field, Six Flags America, and Prince George’s Community College. The Placemaking Section is building connections and programs that can better serve Largo Town Center.

Prior Work

Our work builds on the visions laid out in the 2013 Largo Approved Sector Plan and Plan 2035. In our work, we also refer to the 2015 Urban Land Institute Study on Largo Town Center. You can read any of these plans or studies by clicking on the links below. 

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