Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail Feasibility Study

Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail Feasibility Study

Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail
, MD

Project Description

This project is a feasibility and design study for a segment of the planned hard-surface Chesapeake Beach Rail Trail starting at MD 725 (Marlboro Pike) and potentially linking a portion of the planned Western Branch Trail to the Show Place Arena. The primary goal of this study is to provide the Town of Upper Marlboro with cost estimates, facility design options, funding sources, and additional information needed to apply for grant funding to construct this trail segment. 

The purpose of the project is to: 

  • Explore and document the current conditions of the site in relation to the proposed construction of a shared-use path, including environmental, community, and development parameters; 
  • Determine the logistical and financial requirements; 
  • Explore and enumerate trail options, including the incorporation of an equestrian trail with the shared-use path and connections to residential streets; generate construction cost estimates based on a conceptual site and construction plan; and
  • Determine the feasibility of developing a shared-use path as described while ensuring all aspects of feasibility are accounted for.

The project will be developed using County data, contributions from community residents and property owners, field surveys, and analysis and interpretation by the consultant. The consultant will conduct outreach with town staff, community members, and property owners to gain their perspectives on the proposed facility. The final work product will be a feasibility and design study that explores potential improvement concepts and their costs.


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Project Boundaries
Planning Board ApprovalJune 22, 2023