Greenbelt Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone 

The Greenbelt Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Zone (NCOZ)  includes the historic Greenbelt co-op residential community, the Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt Library, Greenbelt Community Center, the forest preserve, Buddy Attick Lake Park, and houses and apartments near the historic core.

It overlays properties zoned AG (Agriculture and Preservation), RR (Residential, Rural), RSF-65 (Residential, Single-Family-65), RSF-A (residential, Single-Family Attached), RMF-20 (Residential, Multifamily-20), and CGO (Commercial, General and Office). The new Zoning Ordinance, including the Greenbelt NCOZ, took effect April 1, 2022.



The Greenbelt NCOZ Study can be found here.

NCOZ Standards

The Greenbelt NCO Zone Standards can be found in the New Zoning Ordinance, Section 27-4403(a)(5)(A), or by clicking here.