Old Brandywine Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvement


The PAMC-sponsored Old Brandywine Sidewalk & Streetscape Improvements project is complete with the publication of The Village of Brandywine Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvements Study. New planned developments will bring added housing, employment, and recreational opportunities to the area. The project seeks to improve biking and pedestrian safety, an objective shared by the County’s Vision Zero initiative. Streetscape enhancements included shared-use paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, and landscape features. 

The 30% designs and cost estimates developed in this project will be used to gather community consensus through outreach, apply for grants, develop final designs, and advance projects to construction. 

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The Village of Brandywine Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvements Study: 30% Design and Engineering Report

Applicant: Black Creek Swamp Land Trust, Inc.

Status: Completed November 2021