Development Activity & Reports

Development Activity Monitoring System (DAMS)

This system will allow you to check the status of development in the County. It contains applications accepted by the Development Review Division from January 1, 2000 to the present and may include some older cases. The source documents are public records available in the Prince George’s County Planning Department during regular business hours. For your convenience, this information is now provided online.

Monthly & Weekly Reports

The Development Review Division has accepted the applications listed in the following reports. For more detailed information about the approval process and the County’s land use control procedures and requirements, please refer to process overview and applications pages.

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Development Review Division

PRIMARY PHONE: 301-952-3530

SECONDARY PHONE: 301-952-4366

FAX: 301-952-3749

James Hunt

Division Chief

Cheryl Summerlin

Planning Supervisor, Applications

Jeremy Hurlbutt

Planning Supervisor, Zoning Section

Brooke Larman

Planning Supervisor, Planning Information & M-NCPPC Permit Review