Zoning is like the rulebook for how land is used and buildings are designed in a community. It decides things like how many buildings can be in one area, prevents incompatible uses next to each other, and allows more people to live in one place. However, it does not control specific brands of businesses, force certain businesses to move in, limit the number of cars in a neighborhood, or dictate architectural styles.

When people want to build or use land, their plans are checked to make sure they follow the Zoning Ordinance – the law that says what can be built and where. The zoning review phase of the development review process considers the reasonable use and unique features of each property to encourage responsible development.

Zoning applications are submitted for changing zoning maps, allowing special uses, granting exceptions, issuing permits, certifying existing uses, and allowing deviations. Applications are reviewed for adherence to the Prince George’s County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. The review often considers the reasonable use and unique physical characteristics of a property to facilitate responsible development.

Types of Zoning Applications

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