Special Permit (SP)

Note: Special Permits (SPs) are only applicable to development proposals reviewed under the prior Ordinance (applications accepted prior to April 1, 2022 and for a period of two years following) OR properties in the Legacy Mixed Use Town Center (LMUTC) Zone under the new Ordinance (effective April 1, 2022).

Special Permits (SP) establish a review process for certain uses that have greater impacts in various zoning districts such as U-L-I and M-U-TC (LMUTC under new Ordinance).


Pre-Application Conference: Optional

Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting: Optional

Subdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC): Special Permit applications may be referred to the SDRC, at the discretion of the Zoning Section Supervisor or at the request of the applicant.

Decision Maker: Special Permits are ruled upon by the Planning Board.

Fees: $100

Public Notice Requirement: The Planning Board shall give written notice of its decision to all persons of record and to the District Council.

Estimated Review Time: Planning Board to review within 45 days of acceptance.

Application Instructions

The new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations go into effect April 1, 2022. For a period of two years (until March 31, 2024), Applicants have the option to submit under the requirements of either the new or prior Ordinance. [Note: Review under the prior Ordinance requires a Pre-Application Conference and Statement of Justification to explain why the applicant has not chosen to develop under the provisions of the new Ordinance.] 

Any application accepted prior to the effective date of the new Ordinance will be reviewed and decided in accordance to the provisions of the prior Ordinance. See the Transitional Provisions Quick Reference for more information. 

Fill out this application form and email the PDF along with the required submission materials to DRDApplications@ppd.mncppc.org.

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