Application Forms, Fees, & Instructions

Resources for Development Review Applications include links to instructions, checklists, and forms for Zoning, Subdivision and Urban Design applications. The Process Guidelines provide an overview of the process for Planning Board Applications.

The new Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations took effect April 1, 2022. For a period of two years (until March 31, 2024), Applicants have the option to submit under the requirements of either the new or prior Ordinance. [Note: Review under the prior Ordinance requires a Pre-Application Conference and Statement of Justification to explain why the applicant has not chosen to develop under the provisions of the new Ordinance.

Any application accepted prior to the effective date of the new Ordinance will be reviewed and decided in accordance to the provisions of the prior Ordinance. See the Transitional Provisions Quick Reference for more information. 

Find application materials below separated per the applicable Ordinance.

After April 1, 2022

Current Ordinance Materials



Urban Design


Public Notice Requirements

Development Review

Prior to April 1, 2022

Prior Ordinance Materials



Urban Design


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