Riverdale Park Street Tree Inventory and management plan

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With this new management plan, the Town of Riverdale Park seeks to maintain, expand, and protect the town’s tree population and canopy; create fully treelined streets through annual tree planting; make data-driven funding and tree maintenance decisions; and educate and engage residents.

This project will assess the condition of trees in public rights-of-way within the municipal boundary and provide town staff with the tools and data to make informed decisions on protecting, maintaining, and expanding the town’s street tree inventory. Tree inventory data will be collected pursuant to the Maryland Roadway Tree Law and conducted by a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert (LTE) or equal (International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist). Data collected will be entered into the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation’s (DPW&T) PlanIt Geo TreePlotter software to generate graphic and spatial representations of existing conditions that reveal needs and opportunities to decision-makers, funders, and community members. The findings of the tree inventory and condition assessment will directly inform the tree management plan that is developed.

The project comprises the following major work products:

  • Tree Inventory
  • Tree Condition Assessment
  • Tree Management Plan
  • Preparation and presentation of the final report
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